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My 3rd book is here!

Free to Fly (Book Two) is the sequel to my first novel, Into My Wings (Book One). This new installment begins where book one left off and continues in the chronicles of Celeste Ainsworth - our modern day heroine standing at the crossroads of life. Does she stay in her loveless marriage or spread her wings on a journey of self-discovery?

One readers comments: "Book One and Two....wonderful!!!!!! Third one to excited. Super good read."

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Free to Fly (Book Two)

Celeste Ainsworth’s life takes a drastic turn when she ends her marriage to Landon after seventeen years. Everything she is shifts; leaving her devastated, lost, and unhappy. 

In a twist of fate Celeste crosses paths with Grant, an investment banker from New York City. Fire quickly ignites and they fall madly and irrevocably in love. The Universe however, has other plans. Their wish to be together is not enough to overcome the challenges before them. Heartbroken, they end their affair.

With a successful business venture taking off, Celeste embarks on a vision quest in Italy, hoping to rediscover her power, and find the beautiful soul she once was. Unbeknownst to her, someone will unexpectedly come into her life. On the last night in Tuscany, she receives an invitation from a ‘secret’ admirer.  Who is this stranger? What will she do?

Follow along as Celeste begins the journey of her soul. Free to Fly illuminates all that life brings; passion, pain, and eternal hope. It is a powerful story of a woman at the crossroads of life, and touches the nuances of love while it asks the age-old question, Is true love possible?

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Into My Wings (Book One)

Every once in a while a love story comes along that is like nothing you have ever read before. Into My Wings is the inspiring and unlikely love story of Celeste Ainsworth. It is an emotional and romantic tale that will move you, have you laughing out loud, and will leave you believing in the power of love.

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It's Me, Soph

What do you do when the most beautiful love you have ever known, comes to an unexpected end? After five glorious years with her soul-mate, Soph finds herself heartbroken and alone. Armed with a laptop, pen, and diary, she turns to her writing as a way to cope with her devastation and sadness. Slowly, but surely she picks up the pieces of her shattered spirit and begins the journey of rebuilding and rediscovering her life – one day and journal entry at a time.

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