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Free to Fly (Book Two)

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After two longs years....Free to Fly is finally here! The second installment in the Celeste Ainsworth trilogy is on Amazon - available in paperback and e-book (Kindle).

Reviews of the book

  • "I loved every minute of her first book, Into My Wings and this one is just as good or ever better. Once you get to know the characters in the book you are right there feeling what she is feeling...She taught me how you can choose yourself and rise above and be free to fly. Looking forward to book three!!"


  • "...a lovely continuation of the story. Love the surprise at the end!"


  • "I loved the characters. Especially the strong female lead. Always ready to protect her family. I couldn't put it down."

    —Verified Amazon Customer

  • "You have done a great job! I have immensely enjoyed reading this."


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Sophie Losinski, Author

In addition to writing, Sophia Losinski dedicates her time as a Certified PNRT Therapist (; assisting people in living joyful and productive lives. Her inspirational quotes, known as “Sophisms” have touched people’s lives around the world. Sophia lives in the Greater Toronto area where she spends time with her beloved friends and family.

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