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It's Me, Soph

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This deeply intimate memoir is an inspirational story of hope. Infused with heart, compassion, and brave honesty, It's Me, Soph will touch the deepest parts of your soul and will leave you believing in the magic and splendor of all that life and love can bring.

Reviews of the book

  • "When I get a book I just devour it. I could feel the ups and downs, the challenges, the fun all the way through it. I thoroughly enjoyed it!"


  • "We believe that it is one of the strongest characterizations we have ever seen (and as you know we don't just speak to praise)."

    "Your writing is simply a marvel to read and there is no doubt about it."

    "It is often hard to come by such books in my line of work and yours will be an experience for me."

    —Penguin (UK) Editor

  • "I am almost finished reading the kindle version and will reread the "real" book right after as this memoir touches all of us at some point in our lives. We all suffer loss. Whether it be a loved one, a relationship, a job, a pet. Those losses can break us or we can find a way to heal and grow. Sophie writes about her path, her struggles, her growth. It will resonate with each reader. It will be read by me over and over as life continuously changes and the gems in this book will shine when needed. We all learn from one another and thank goodness there are people courageous enough to share their story, their discoveries, their heartache and their victory so that we can learn and enhance our lives. Thank you Sophie."


  • "Hi Sophie! I just finished reading your book! Your honesty and willingness to take us into both the heights and depths of your experience gifts us with the courage and inspiration to take a look underneath the surface of our own lives, into the truth of our own experience. Thank you for your bravery and vulnerability to share your journey and pain, exemplifying love and life in the fullness of its beauty and heartbreak. You are an inspiration! Thanks for being you!"


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Sophie Losinski, Author

In addition to writing, Sophia Losinski dedicates her time as a Certified PNRT Therapist (; assisting people in living joyful and productive lives. Her inspirational quotes, known as “Sophisms” have touched people’s lives around the world. Sophia lives in the Greater Toronto area where she spends time with her beloved friends and family.

Twitter Account: @SLosinskiAuthor

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